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Whole Body Upgrade to Jumpstart 2019: A Kundalini Workshop with Kayce Johnson

Whole Body (mind, and soul) Upgrade to Jumpstart 2019: A Kundalini Workshop

Anytime is a good time to decide to reboot your life for the better but a new year always brings in a super charged push to release the old and introduce new habits to reshape your life for the better. If you are looking for tools to help you:

-reset and strengthen your nervous system
-have a clearer mind
-release and reshape outdated thought patterns
-improve digestion
-approach life with a sense of joy
-strengthen your entire body
-have a stable sense of purpose and confidence to move toward your highest potential
-and even achieve more radiant skin

then join Kayce Johnson for a Kundalini Yoga workshop and learn some of the tools that can give your entire system a reboot. 

“For every beautiful thing, you have to pass through a valley of hardship. There is no liberation without labor. There is no freedom which is free. To create in you the power to create the intelligence which will give you power to be effective in your own living and give you satisfaction in your own joy, you have to work for it, you have to earn it. ” 
― Yogi Bhajan

Cost: $20
*This workshop is suitable for all-levels, even those completely new to Kundalini Yoga