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New Moon Ritual Workshop with Michelle Rhodes

Women are naturally lunar. Observing and tracking the phases of the Moon helps us to align with this natural connection and make sense of our own phases.. By noticing and getting in tune with the subtle energies of the moon as she gets bigger and smaller, and how that pattern affects us individually, we are able to notice the parallel patterns in our own lives as it pertains to our creativity, emotions, and intuition. Once you understand the pattern, you can use it to support your growth.
The New Moon is the beginning and ending of every 29.5 day long lunar cycle, and is the time when we plant seeds for the upcoming month, 6 months, year. Using the specific energy of the New Moon and her placement astronomically, we are able to access these subtle cues much more easily.
This month we celebrate the Sagittarius New Moon, filled with wonder and curiosity for all of our life experiences. Come join us as we find ways to expand and enjoy the delight in this season. We will discuss creating your own ritual space at home, and learn tools you can use over and over again to support personal intention setting.
Workshop includes:
*printed new moon journal & workbook
*guided meditation
*circle discussion on the lunar phases, importance of the New Moon, and how they relate to our lives
*detailed astrology report around this new moon in Sagittarius and how to effectively set intentions for the upcoming cycle.
*new moon journaling and intention setting
*personal crystal and essential oil for Sagittarius season

Honor your cyclical nature as a woman by connecting to earth, a community of women, and your own feminine intuition.
‘With straight spines and soft hearts, may we root to the earth, connecting, at once, with gravity and limitlessness. May we leap into the future, setting pure intentions—fearless, responsible, and free’.

New Moon Ritual Workshop, December 2nd 7:30-9.
Cost: $39

*if you know your astrological sun and/or rising sign, please come with this information. It isnot required, but will be helpful for the intention setting process