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New Moon Ritual Workshop

Join us while we set intentions for the coming month at the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, November 3rd from 7:30-9.Together, we will learn how to harness the rhythms of nature by starting at the beginning of the new lunar cycle. The Scorpio New Moon is the ideal time to set goals and intentions around how we transform and inspire others through our legacy. By coming together to set our intentions, in sync with the flow of the moon and her potential, we can find support from the universe and each other as we manifest our dreams. The moon affects us all as it does the tides, and true manifestation comes from working withher energy in circle with other women. Please come with an open mind and an open heart, bring a friend, a journal and pen, and perhaps your favorite tea mug and yoga mat. Hot tea and ritual space will be provided, and you will want to dress comfortably for a moving meditation. All who identify as female are welcome. Space is limited, so pre-registration is suggested asthese workshops are known to fill up quickly. We look forward to sharing this magical time with you!
Cost: $39
The workshop includes:  
*a guided meditation.
*a printed new moon journal & workbook that is yours to keep.
*a circle discussion on the lunar phases and importance of the New Moon.
*a detailed astrology report around this new moon in Scorpio and how to effectively set intentions for the upcoming cycle.
*new moon journaling and intention setting.
*group new moon ritual and community with other women.
*a personal crystal and essential oil for this season.
*an assortment of hot tea--bring your own mug, or there will be a few to borrow.

*if you know your astrological sun and/or rising sign, please come with this information. It isnot required, but will be helpful for the intention setting process