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1.formed by collection.
2.forming a whole; combined:
3. of or characteristic of a group of individuals taken together:
the collective wishes of the membership.
4.organized according to the principles of collectivism.


Arkansas Yoga Collective is owned by Wesley Pilcher and Kayce Johnson. As a collective group at AYC, we are dedicated to bringing the transformative practice of yoga to the community. Through our studio classes, informative workshops, and community outreach programs we intend to build and grow with the community from the roots up. Only through love, compassion, and respect of all people that we can create the change this world needs. We are all part of the Collective, united by a shared Earth.



"Amazing space to practice yoga. Ashtanga with Steve is a must. I've followed him from other studios and he is by far the most encouraging instructor while keeping your practice focused and challenging. I LOVE THIS STUDIO. Pricing is competitive and the offerings in their shop are not only well priced but stylish. The kind folke muscle rub is OUT OF THIS WORLD and I their selection of tillandsia plants are a fun and modern addition to to the studio and your home. Best yoga in Little Rock." -Jessica A.

"I've found such a profound attachment to these beauties at AYC! On the chillest of pre-winter days, you can sense their warmth from the parking lot. Evening classes with Wes are so playful and open, and generally pretty small so we can focus on current bodily needs of our peers. Kali, with her beginners class and Jivamukti styled classes, is beautiful. She's so in tune with everyone there, and her adjustments give such power and life to their practice. Her passion envelops the entire class, and from start of class kirtan to the very last Om. Only once have I the honor of learning from Kayce and Angel, but with their sweetness there's no denial it carries over to their AM crowd. Pam is a lovable character, never can you leave her without a smile. I have taken a small handful of newcomers here, and some seasoned yogis and all have enjoyed their time in the collective. This is definitely my favorite place of practice found since moving here a couple months ago <3" -Val F.

"My favorite place!! The owners, teachers and staff are the absolute best. The studio is beautiful and complete with a coffee/tea lounge and gift shop that is fabulous. They offer 9 classes a day, so it's super convenient to fit a class in to my schedule each day. This place and the people here are amazing - I absolutely love everything about it and can't get enough!!"
-Kathryn L.

"Love the design and welcoming atmosphere of the studio. The instructors are great at helping individual students progress within the group setting." -Pat P.