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A Weekend with Ruslan Kleytman and Akhila Yoga

Akhila Yoga Method is a systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the key principles of classical yoga. Akhila Yoga is an open, organic, ever changing, adaptive, scientific method rooted in Vedic tradion and Wisdom. All facets of practice are explored to create a holistic experience. Classical arsenal of asanas (poses), pranayamas (breath-energy work), mudras (hands, feet and body positions), bandhas (energetic locks) and meditation techniques (sense withdrawal, concentration, absorption…) are used to create a complex web of influences on conciseness to facilitate psychic – emotional state conducive to spiritual development. From class to class practice might change from dynamic to slow-meditative, strength oriented to fluid, playful to centered. Our daily goals in practice change depending on a time of day, season, mental and physical state… etc. - so does the practice. One thing in this Universe is certain – it is CHANGE. To surf the current of life we need to change alongside with it. The lifetime study of Akhila Yoga will continue to provide tools for growth, insights and opportunity for continuous improvement in spiritual endeavors.


Friday, May 19th

6:30-8:30pm Rhythm and Flow: An Intro into Akhila Yoga

In this class, we practice a specifically choreographed routine designed to uplift the spirit, tone the muscles, stimulate our vital organs and encourage the body to release accumulated toxins. The practice includes detoxifying breathing exercises, Dancing Warrior warm up set, Shiva Dance Algorithms (legs and arms movements as connectors between Hasta Mudras (hand gestures), multi dimensional horizontal (hanumanasana set) and vertical (samakonasana set) splits, and a 10 step Camel (ushtrasana) back bending set for dessert.

Cost: $45


Saturday, May 20th

9:00-11:00am Akhila Yoga Master Class (This is all-levels, "master" is implying more detailed instruction on the foundations of Akhila Yoga)

Akhila Yoga - Krama Vinyasa Yoga is an open, organic, ever changing, adaptive, scientific method. All facets of practice are explored in this method of yoga to create a holistic experience. All classical arsenal of asanas (poses), pranayamas (breath-energy work), mudras (hands, feet and body positions), bandhas (energetic locks) and meditation techniques (sense withdrawal, concentration, absorption…) are used to create a complex web of influences on conciseness to facilitate psychic – emotional state conducive to spiritual development.

Cost: $45


1:00-4:00pm The Flight of the Garuda

Principles of Floating • Aerial Transitions• Jumping Principles • Art of arm balancing

Garuda is an Indian mythological sacred bird that can change shape according to its function. He is adaptive, fierce, determined, smart and immensely strong. We will use Garuda archetype to build a practice based on his qualities.

In this workshop you will learn the secrets to floating and aerial transitions in yoga asana. Vinyasa Flow – Warrior Stance Salutations module with organically inserted: therapeutic and technical breakdown of crow vinyasas, flowing jumps, handstands, arm balancing asanas. This dynamic and creative workshop is open to all levels but geared towards intermediate practitioners.

Set yourself up to fly.

Topics covered:

· Advanced Transitions

· Jump Backs

· Floating

· Flow

· Aerial Transitions

· Core Integration

· Arm Balancing

· Bandhas & Mudras

Cost: $55


6:00-9:00pm "Love, Money and Dharma" • The Way to Liberation Relationships Dynamics through Yoga and Ayurveda- lecture *This is a donation-based class*

From the beginning of time people were looking for the answer to the questions "Who am I?", "What is my mission in this life?", "What is the meaning of life?". Life lived without answers to these questions is meaningless and comparable with wandering in the forest, without any directions and compas . The root of all our suffering is ignorance (Avidya), it prevents us from seeing the world as it is. Vasanas and Samskaras (inclinations and impressions from past lives), Ahamkara (ego: the notion of one's own self), ignorance of oneself and one's nature, not understanding your mission in life force us to commit karmic mistakes, strive for false goals and things that hold no real value. In this lecture you will learn how karma is formed, how to mitigate its negative impact, how to understand your nature and true goals in your life, how to get rid of harmful behavior lines, the way different personalities and aspects of personalities interrelate. You will get insight into your daily interactions and how to make them peaceful. We will look at the dynamics within couples, parent - child relationship, family and friendship

Topics Covered:

· What attracts a woman to a man?

· What attracts a man to a woman?

· Modern Hero archetype

· Solar Energy. Factors that reduce stress for men

· Moon Energy. Actions that will increase resistance to stress for woman?

· 5 Dharmic Types

· 4 agreements

· and much more

Cost: Donation!


Sunday, May 21st  

9:00-11:30am Happy Hips & Shoulders

Urban dwellers live high pace, stressful lives. Each of us from the first breath we take undergoes various traumatic experiences. Negative emotions like fear and gilt, create zones of high density around hips and shoulders. We feel tight, limited, and stuck in our upper and lower bodies. Hips are closing and shoulders are slouching as we build protective shell to hide behind it. To be free, open and relaxed we need to release these zones. Experience the euphoria of full range of motion in your hips and shoulders through a systematic, 6 directional, gradual exploration though postures and warm ups (kriyas-vinyasas) ranging from pigeon pose all the way to lotus, and various (little known, but so needed) shoulders opening routines. Come with a willing spirit and leave with an open pelvis and shoulder complexes!

All levels

Topics covered:

· Directions of mobility for hips and knees

· Directions of mobility for shoulders and elbows

· 4 levels of difficulty

· Antagonist muscle groups

· Kriyas (warm ups)

· Principal vinyasas

· Bandhas & Mudras



1:00-3:30pm "Dancing with Shiva"

"In all the worlds there is He, the Holy Lord. He is in the dark, He is the Light, he is in the sun, he is in the moon. He is everywhere. The Lord is in all creation. Unknowable his ways. He is far away. He is near. He is many. He is one. Water, earth, sky, fire and wind, the spark of the spirit inside the body - all that He is. He is wandering Jiva here below. He is immortal. "

- Shiva Purana

During this class, we will join in a vinyasa flow, surfing gracefully from posture to posture in the yogic dance, as if participating in the Cosmic Dance of creation to the beat of Shiva Nataraj’s drum. The flow includes playful, cheerful, dynamic choreography with classical poses and postures dedicated to Shiva, "Shiva Nata “, along with hand movements as vinyasa conectors, mudras and bandhas, with emphasis on breathing synchronization with the movement. And, of course, the soundtrack dedicated to Shiva, and pranayama and meditation from "Vigyan Bhairav Tantra".

Please bring a towel and arrive in a good, cheeky mood :)



5:00-8:00pm Transformational Breathing (3h) 1h lecture + 2h practice

Transformational Breath is a unique therapeutic modality. This form of Breathwork facilitates the natural healing process for all types of trauma. It is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health, and in maintenance of optimal health. Clears past traumas, dramas, and accumulated stress, reprograms healthy breathing patterns, increases oxygenation throughout the body, heals psychosomatic illnesses, enhances awareness of self-sabotaging patterns, helps to heal anaerobic diseases, stimulates circulation and many more profound healing benefits arise from this scientific practice.




Full Weekend: $232 (Save 20%!)






Earlier Event: April 24
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