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Accessible Ashtanga with Erin Lorenzen

After almost 20 years of trying pretty much every style of yoga out there, Erin returned to her Ashtanga roots and she is excited to share her thoughts on and experience with Ashtanga with all of you!


The Ashtanga Yoga System is the basis for most types of popular yoga taught today. In this Saturday session, you will learn to approach the Ashtanga Yoga System with light-heartedness and ease. You will learn the power of putting your focus on breath and bandhas as we move through the 51 poses of the Full Primary Series. We will cover options for all levels of practitioners as we discuss modifications, adjustments, transitions, and advanced options.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students are encouraged to attend.


Practicing in the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga System will help you to detoxify muscles and organs, improve circulation, and create a calm, steady mind.



$25 After June 5th


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