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Vibrational Shift

A yoga workshop combining movement, stillness, healing tones, and imagery.

October 25, 2014
2:00 p.m -5:00 p.m.

Healing tones are a method of using vocal sounds as a form of vibrational healing.

Making throat sounds at specific vibrations percolates information to the surface of awareness. These sounds can be used as a means of releasing energy blocks or thought patterns that no longer serve our well-being. In this workshop, healing tones will be used to clear and balance the chakras and will be incorporated into the asana practice.

Joy’s yoga practice raises consciousness and personal discovery. Participants gain self-awareness and compassion for their minds and bodies. Joy structures her classes to meet clients’ individual needs and concerns, combining her years of energy healing and mindful awareness. People of all shapes, sizes, and levels of ability are honored in an environment of loving support. This workshop will include group discussion, working with each other, and working on our own.

Joy points students toward their own body’s wisdom. She offers pathways for students to shift consciousness, develop discernment, and choose action or non-action toward their purpose. Joy’s students and clients benefit from her combination of energy medicine, chakra balancing, healing tones, life coaching, yoga techniques, reframing, reflective listening, and compassionate presence.

Joy Caffrey will be assisted by yoga practitioner Chrissy Adams, who teaches yoga at Clubhaus Fitness in Fayetteville. 

Later Event: October 26