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Acupressure, a 3,000+ year-old healing art, uses the fingers to press key points and/or meridians on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing abilities.  These healing pressure points are gateways to the body’s life energy force and they ultimately govern circulation of bodily fluids and the function and balance of the human body.  Tension can concentrate around these points and block the flow of energy through energy pathways.  Pain or illness can result.

Workshop participants will experience a simple yet effective acupressure set combined with essential oils used on meridian massage and on particular areas of the body.  

Performed daily, the benefits of acupressure compound to bring practitioners subtle yet powerful health results.  With the support of essential oils to further boost the function of organs and systems, this routine can help to:

•    Release blockages that create pressure, numbness or pain.
•    Relieve muscle tension to relax and eliminate toxins
•    Increase the body’s resistance to illness and disease
•    Increase the oxygen and other nutrients carried to areas of the body that need support
•    Produce a greater sense of harmony, health and well-being
•    Reduce anxiety.

Mala Daggett, a tai chi practitioner since 1995 and a teacher since 2000, has practiced this acupressure set personally and has experienced great results.  As part of her interest in supporting others in their search for health, she began teaching acupressure in 2005 to other lay practitioners.

Acupressure w/ Essential Oils – 2-5p, October 26

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