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The Legend of Greater Things workshop series with Bonni McCliss

"The Legend of Greater Things" Workshop Series
The legend of greater things takes us on a journey back to the beginning. Our spiritual ancestors knew the direct path to universal understanding and the nature of the power of the living spirit. Although we have gained the technology to express ourselves and have instant access to one another- this can be only a topical experience. We have collectively lost the ability to understand the deepest wisdom in ourselves and each other. In these workshops We will be discussing and applying the ancient secrets of our spiritual teachers and how to use their knowledge in our 21st century lives.  

Saturday workshops:

Workshop 1: 1-3:00pm

Part 1-Vision/Dream Quest : Native American drumming, journey to the center of your soul
Invocation for inspiration :connection to higher self, future lives, past lives,Guides and spirit animals
Part 2- Decoding our soul's messages

Workshop 2: 4-6:00pm

Part 1-Cellular Alchemy: the body spirit connection

Body talk - dialogue with your physical pain : understanding your physical pain and illness- learning how to hear the energy message from the bodies pain.
Part 2-Journey through the heart : hypnosis for forgiveness

Individual Workshop: $55
Entire Workshop Series: $100

*If you are having trouble signing up for the workshops, please private message us and include your phone number. We can easily sign you up over the phone to help you reserve a spot.