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June Satsang and Kirtan "Why Asana"

True Alisandre will be leading drumming, kirtans and Mantra...He is back from Florida for two months and we are so thankful he will be joining us!!!

7:00pm - 7:45pm Meet/Greet/Food/Drumming/Kirtan
7:45pm - 8:30pm Lecture/Discussion & Focused Mantras/Kirtan
8:30pm - 8:50pm Meditation
8:50pm - Closing of Satsang/Aarti

June Focus of the Month: "Why Asana?" “Asana” is defined as any of the yogic postures or movements, but literally translates to “seat.” It’s said that originally the only posture in yoga was a comfortable seat taken for long periods of mediation. Eventually the other postures were developed to help find ease in sitting for so long, and to assist with opening the mind to a meditative state. The postures are used to increase hip flexibility so one can sit crosslegged, and to stimulate the chakras and nadis (allowing for energy body throughout the body). “Asana” is a very thought-provoking term, since thinking of each posture as a place to find the meditative “seat” or state of mind brings the practice away from just the physical movement and begins the journey of the mind looking inward. It also reinforces the idea that a practitioner should try seated meditation in addition to practicing postures.

Mantra Chanting: Repetition of specific mantras in a call and response format! 

Relaxing/Healing/Peace Meditation (Approx. 20 minutes): Meditation will focus on communication and understanding!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Food basics provided by the Arkansas Yoga Collective, however, please bring your favorite dish to share and add to the experience. 

Joe Johnson & The Arkansas Yoga Collective