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Ruslan Kleytman at Arkansas Yoga Collective

Ruslan Kleytman, ERYT 500, is a senior Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher and a founder of Akhila Yogatm, integrative style of yoga. He is devoted yogi, gifted body worker, martial artist and an avid acroyogi. Ruslan’s teaching method is a systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the key principles of classical yoga. This method embraces a holistic approach to yoga, working on development of all levels of being; physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. He recognizes yoga practice as a method of liberation and Self-realization, and empowers his students with a harmonious, balanced practice aimed at creating the most fertile environment for meditation.  He is a creator of internationally recognized Vinyasa Krama Yoga Teacher training program (200-hour – 500-hour). Ruslan has certified hundreds of students around the globe to become yoga teachers.

Akhila Yoga :: Vinyasa Krama

Krama Vinyasa Yoga is an open, organic, ever changing, adaptive, scientific method. All facets of practice are explored in this method of yoga to create a holistic integrative experience. All classical arsenal of asanas (poses), pranayamas (breath-energy work), mudras (hands, feet and body positions), bandhas (energetic locks) and meditation techniques (sense withdrawal, concentration, absorption…) are used to create a complex web of influences on conciseness to facilitate psychic – emotional state conducive to spiritual development. From class to class practice might change from dynamic to slow-meditative, strength oriented to fluid, playful to focused. Our daily goals in practice change depending on a time of day, season, mental and physical state… etc. - so does the practice. One thing in this Universe is certain – it is CHANGE. And to surf the current of life we need to change alongside with it.

Warrior Stance Salutations- Friday, September 11, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Warrior Stance Salutations, strong intelligent Vinyasa Flow, cobra rolls warm-up movements, dynamic therapeutic drills for lower body strength, core floor workout. Attention to precise alignment, core integration through breathe-awareness.

Happy Hips & Shoulders - Saturday, September 12, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

1 Hour Lecture + 2 Hour Practice
Urban dwellers live high pace, stressful lives. Each of us from the first breath we take undergoes various traumatic experiences. Negative emotions like fear and gilt, create zones of high density around hips and shoulders. We feel tight, limited, and stuck in our upper and lower bodies. Hips are closing and shoulders are slouching as we build protective shell to hide behind it. To be free, open and relaxed we need to release these zones. Experience the euphoria of full range of motion in your hips and shoulders through a systematic, 6 directional, gradual exploration though postures and warm ups (kriyas-vinyasas) ranging from pigeon pose all the way to lotus, and various (little known, but so needed) shoulders opening routines. Come with a willing spirit and leave with an open pelvis and shoulder complexes!

5 Steps to Safe & Joyful Back-bends - Saturday, September 12, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

If you have a tendency to shy away from back-bends, or even hating them as many people do, this workshop is for you. Backbends can be joyful and blissful experience! Backbends are often approached with a military attitude “Drop down and give me 5”, and unless you have a naturally flexible spine, shoulders and hip flexors you will be in agony. After few experiences like this you loose confidence and desire to try to improve your backbends. By understanding how to gradually warm up your spine, shoulders and hips, how to use counter stretching poses, and precise alignment you will experience new levels of freedom and self-expression in your backbends. You will find Joy. Walk away with tools to become a friend with backbends once and for all.
Topics covered:
Rocking Vinyasa
Ushtrasana - Camel set
Dhnurasana - Bow and Urdva Dhanurasana – Full wheel set
Makarasana - Crocodile set
Creative floor-core set
Counter stretching poses
Precise alignment
Core Integration
Bandhas & Mudras

Energetic Anatomy - Sunday, September 13, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

1 Hour Lecture + 2 Hour Practice
Vayu System, Hand & Foot Mudras, Body Bandhas in Asana Practice
Understanding Energetic Anatomy is the key to understanding physical form. This knowledge will allows students to heal the body by harnessing and directing energy, as well as to find lightness and natural geometric alignment. The physical body requires specific voltage to heal and function in a healthy way, just like a car, fan or computer. There are many methods of tapping into your electrical system.

Ruslan will start the class by expertly explaining how to create lightness in the body by activating all 3 arches in the feet, and the arches in the hands. Activating foot bandha essentially allows the practitioner to create lightness and pranic lift. Activating hand bandha and utilizing mudras opens the pranic channels in the arms and the heart. Theoretical and practical application instructions on the Vayus will be given. Flat arches, back pain and yogic foot therapy will all be explored and questions answered. Healing the feet (through the initial contact point) is often the most important aspect for avoiding injuries in the body.

Topics Covered:

• Exploration of the use of bandhas to harness and retain prana is offered, alongside activation of the vayu system through specific physical contact points in the body.
• Actualizing the vibrational forces in the Universe and inviting these powerful pranic forces into your practice
• Energetic Micro and Macro orbits
• Three-torus energy-geometrical model of the Universe

Vayus - 10 Vital Winds - Sunday, September 13, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

1 Hour Lecture + 2 Hour Practice
Yoga practitioners of all levels of experience will find in this workshop inspiration and new insights for asana and pranayama practice. The Vayus system is an ancient Yogic practice. New realms of consciousness and knowledge of the body will become available with a practice of ten vital Vayus. Ruslan will give a detailed and illustrated description of Vayu practice in pranayama and asana, enabling yoga practitioners to personally experience the inner presence of the Vayus. You will learn how to adopt the Vayus into your own practice, enriching and expanding it with a new dimension.
Topics Covered:

Ten Vital winds: 5 main and 5 secondary Pranas
Points of access and negotiation between chakras
Bandha Vayu conection
Utilising Vayus in defferent Asana Groups
Practice of Outer Vayus
Practice of Inner Vayus


$45/Single Workshop
$200/Full Weekend (5 Workshops)
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 on the Full Weekend when you book before August 10.