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Introduction to Kundalini Yoga with Katherine Friday

Arkansas Yoga Collective and Katherine Friday team up to bring you a dynamic opportunity for self-awareness through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, “the yoga of awareness." This is an introductory course into the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It is perfect for students who are new to the concept of Kundalini Yoga and are interested in learning more. Experienced Kundalini students will benefit from gaining even more awareness, connecting to a Kundalini community, and perhaps even deepening their own practice.

Make your health and wellbeing your first priority. Anyone can do yoga no matter your physical condition.  All other aspects of life go more smoothly... REALLY.  Come join Katherine as she guides you to that inner peace and harmony that you know is within you. The practice ofKundalini Yoga clears the mind, sets the immune system, and orients your consciousness to create happiness and health in your life. It gives you access to the storehouse of resources built into your body, mind and spirit. Experience yoga postures, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, guided meditations, relaxation and yoga philosophy.  

The word “Kundalini” means awareness and “Yoga” means to unite.  Kundalini Yoga is referred to as the yoga of awareness. Kundalini Yoga strengthens your entire nervous and glandular system. It prepares the mind for optimal clarity, enlivens your sense of awareness and gives you greater energy to express your creativity.  All exercises, meditations, and mantras are part of an organized sequence designed to produce a specific beneficial effect.

Are you ready to drop that excess weight? Are you ready to improve your mood and outlook on life?  Are you ready to be relaxed and better able to manage your day to day existence? Join us! You will be glad you did.

Cost: $45


Katherine Friday

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Life Path and Spiritual Advisor

For many years Katherine has studied nutrition, physical health and wellness techniques and practices, yoga, relaxation and meditation practices, mental and emotional balancing therapies and practices, spiritual practices and philosophies.  Katherine offers her services to bring people together in wholeness within themselves and with others.  Life coaching, yoga and meditations classes, transpersonal hypnotherapy sessions, personal health and wellness programs and personal transformational alignments are how Katherine supports you to live a healthier, happier life.

“I began practicing yoga in 1988 as a form of physical exercise.  Little did I know that choice would be one of the most important of my life…it literally changed my life.  Of all the "tools" I have that assist me in being an effective, successful, joyful, happy human being, yoga is by for the most dynamic and powerful.  My practice of Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini schools of yoga has been the catalyst that has propelled me forward on my path to physical, mental and emotional health and spiritual alignment, self-realization and self-mastery.”

Katherine is a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist, certified yoga teacher and ordained minister.  She has been certified in many other modalities, techniques and practices that support living a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.  Katherine is also owner and director of Starlight Ridge Retreat Center located between Little Rock and Conway.