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Chakra Yoga Workshop with Joe Johnson

Journey through the Chakras:  Understanding and unlocking your internal energy centers through yoga, sound and light.

Date:  Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Time:  2pm - 5pm
Cost: $20.00

Joe Johnson is a certified Jivamukti yoga instructor.  Since discovering his asana practice in 2010, he has fused the principles of yoga with over 20 years of energy work.  His teaching style is energetic, fun, and welcoming.  He seeks to inspire each individual to utilize the practice of yoga and the exploration of the chakras to expand and deepen their awareness and connection to all that is.  We are connected!  We are one! 

2pm - 3pm 

Join Joe for a lecture/discussion on the chakras where he will discuss the body’s internal energy grid, and the importance of our chakras to our health, our yoga practice and all those around us.
    We will answer these questions and more:
    What are chakras and why are they important?
    How do chakra’s relate to the Aura?
    How we can balance and activate them?

3pm - 4:15pm  Jivamukti Yoga - Open Class (All Levels Welcome)

Join Joe for an exciting, specially choreographed Jivamukti class to unlock and activate your chakras.  Class will be presented in a vinyasa format.

4:15 - 5pm - Guided Meditation and Chakra Activation

45 minute guided meditation utilizing Solfeggio Frequencies.  Supercharge your chakras, leaving you cleansed, refreshed and ready to conquer the world!!!