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Shamanic Dance Awake with Rose Alisandre & Jud Martindale

At this time of transition and transformation, a new quality of oneness, a new quality of love is ready to come into life's manifestation.  As humans, we need to remember that we are a microcosm of the whole, that all levels of reality interpenetrate within our heart.  It is through our awakened hearts that we can assist the birthing of this new quality of oneness and love  into the expression of all of life.  Life, creation, needs our awakened heartful attention for its next flowering of evolution.  Join us as we journey and dance our Hearts Awake, Experience moving from your awakened HEART in this Shamanic Journey practice.  Rose provides a guided meditation to connect to our awareness of our Heart, and connection to the Earth and to Spirit.
This expanded version of Dance Awake includes a prelude of several more traditional Shamanic Journey's to prime our hearts for the Journey of the Dance.
(Note:  Don't let the word "dance" intimidate you  we are inviting and invoking the divine to move us as it will through the One Heart!)  
Jud Martindale's skillful/intuitive drumming supports us in allowing our bodies to be moved into the Dance of Life by our awakening Hearts.  This experience/practice is a way to expand our ability to live in and act from our heart...the place of kindness, generosity, gratitude and compassion.  The place we all want to live and to bring alive in our world.   All are welcome to participate!
Jud is being joined on the Drums by Jim Mosley ..their chemistry together is Magic!  Together we all access that mysterious space of the heart, drunk on the wine of life........join us!

Event Fee: $20

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