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Inner Teachings on Pranayama: The Revelation of the Inner Light

Inner Teachings on Pranayama: The Revelation of the Inner Light
One of the great gifts that arises in the wake of dedicated sadhana is a deep an intuitive sensitivity to the nature of Prana, or the force that makes us to be alive. With time and dedication, one can feel the location, rhythmic quality, and depth of the prana in the core of the body and brain, and learn how physical and emotional states, intuitive insight and freedom from the past are related to it. Is for all levels of practitioner interested in inner work as seen from the perspective of the yogic tradition. The workshop will cover:

-Subtle differences between prana as the Source of all things, and how it modifies itself when it becomes incarnated as an individual human being.

-The specific nature of the inhalation, exhalation, retention, and suspension in the breath cycle. 

-How each phase of the breath cycle relates to individual make up according to AyurvedaThe movements of the outer and inner prana in relation the breath cycle.

-How to weave pranic rhythms into posture practice in creative ways.

-How Prana is involved with meditation, devotion, and Liberation.

Join Matthew Krepps, C-IAYT, RYT-500, Ryt-200 for a practical and joyful session on what is arguably the most crucial means of insight and development in the Yoga tradition. 

Cost: $40