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Weekend with Ruslan Kleytman

Join us for a weekend of workshops with Ruslan Kleytman. Ruslan is an internationally known and highly respected (and one of both Wesley's and Kayce's teachers). He has taught workshops at many major global yoga conferences and festivals, including Yoga Journal Festival and Free Spirit Festival. Ruslan’s articles have been featured in major publications, including Yoga Journal and Mantra magazine.

Friday, February 22nd 6:30-8:30pm
Plasticity and Fascia
Fascia is the connective tissue that weaves throughout the entire body. It makes up our tendons, ligaments, and over 30 percent of our muscle. The majority of our flexibility and limitation in movement comes from the restrictions of our fascia.
Plasticity refers to fascia changing its length and retaining its shape. When fascia is stretched, bonds that hold the fascia together are altered and new bonds form. This remolding of fascia promotes improved mobility by reducing tension and rigidity.
In this workshop we will stretch all five major fascial lines, holding poses for 8 to 10 breaths to allow enough time to stretch into the fascia.

Saturday, February 23rd; 2-4:00pm
Blissful Flow
Blissful Flow is a soulful journey to ignite magic in your body, mind and heart with creative choreography of dynamic asana flow, music and Vedic wisdom. We will begin class with devotional poetry and mantra music, followed by a fluid wave of movements blended into a garland of poses on a thread of breath.

Fluid vinyasa choreography movements remind us of the temporary nature of our lives, circumstances, and experiences. Music and mantra evokes innate feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude.

For dessert, relax and restore with an extended guided Savasana meditation accompanied by a lush tapestry of soothing sounds in the form of live music.

Ignite magic in your journey of life.


Saturday, February 23rd; 6-9:00pm
Transformational Breathing – Sound Vibrational Medicine (3h) 1h lecture + 2h practice

Join us for a soulful journey to ignite magic in your body, mind and heart with breath and sound vibrational medicine. First Ruslan will take you on a spiritual exploration through breath, lifting your vibrational field and submerging your brain to Theta-wave Ocean into deep layers of your subconsciousness, followed by soundbath with mesmerizing singing bowls, magical flutes, romantic charango and enchanted chimes, to captivate your mind, massage your soul and open your heart to higher frequencies of Loving- Kindness resonance. This peaceful practice will leave you feeling grounded with a deeper connection to yourself, your family and Universe. The ancient practice of connected breathing has been embraced by yogis, shamans, seers, and indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Transformational Breath is a unique therapeutic modality, this method of breath pranafies the body by circulating the life force throughout your entire being. Through surrender and relaxation of the exhalation, the heart opens and receives the infinite wisdom, magic and healing power hidden within the breath. Sense perceptions expand and higher levels of awareness are realized.

Transformational Breath facilitates the natural healing process for all types of trauma. It is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health, and in maintenance of optimal health. • Clears past traumas, dramas, and accumulated stress, • Reprograms healthy breathing patterns, • Increases oxygenation throughout the body, • Heals psychosomatic illnesses, • Enhances awareness of self-sabotaging patterns, • Stimulates circulation

Recommendations for participants:
Loose comftarble clothes
Bottle of water - 500 ml
Yoga mat (there will be some available for use at the studio)
2 towels
Eat no later then 2h before session

Contraindications: Schizophrenia, psychosis, etc., Recent surgeries, pregnancy, varicose veins complicated by thrombosis. Important! It is necessary to inform the host of any chronic diseases.

Sunday, February 24th 2-4:00pm
Happy Hips & Shoulders

Urban dwellers live high pace, stressful lives. Each of us from the first breath we take undergoes various traumatic experiences. Negative emotions like fear and gilt, create zones of high density around hips and shoulders. We feel tight, limited, and stuck in our upper and lower bodies. Hips are closing and shoulders are slouching as we build protective shell to hide behind it. To be free, open and relaxed we need to release these zones. Experience the euphoria of freedom in your hips and shoulders through a systematic 6 directional opening routines.
Come with a willing spirit and leave with lightness in your body!
**All levels
Topics covered:
• Directions of mobility for hips and knees
• Directions of mobility for shoulders and elbows
• 4 levels of difficulty
• Shukshma-vyama kriyas (warm ups)
• Principal vinyasas
• Bandhas & Mudras

Full Weekend Discount: $125

Individual Workshops: $35

Transformational Breathing Individual price: $45