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Tantric Numerology Workshop with Lakey Goff

Tantric Numerology has its roots in ancient yogic & tantric teachings & is based on a ten body system. You can look at as another map up the mountain on the journey inward. 
Tantra identifies polarities & instead of fighting ,analyzing & rationalizing them we use the energy of the polarities to tap into our true nature. 
We cannot change unless we know ourselves & Tantric Numerology gives us tools to shine that light inward. 
In Kundalini Yoga the 10 bodies are emanations of the human psyche. .
1. Soul Body 
2. Negative Mind 
3. Positive Mind 
4. Neutral Mind 
5. Physical Body 
6. Arc Line 
7. Auric Body 
8. Pranic Body 
9. Subtle Body 
10. Radiant Body .

Your soul has lessons to integrate & unique gifts to express in this lifetime. 

Workshop Format:

What are the 10 bodies? 

Calculating your 
path number 45 min

kriya/meditation 45 min

Cost: $37