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You Don't Know Squat: A Workshop with Paul Fajer

The squat position is a lost art in Western culture. What was once a distinctly natural and human movement for resting and working closely to the ground with our hands is now rarely uses outside of performance programs and gyms. Come spend 60 minutes experiencing how this natural human position helps keep your spine strong, your hips healthy, and your knees young. Forget what you think you know, because you don't know squat! 

Warm and encouraging, knowledgeable and precise, Paul guides his clients to empower themselves through experience, education and mindful attention to movement. Graduating from UCA with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Paul has spent a decade pursuing a love affair with biomechanics through both academics and profession. From young to old, athletic to inactive, special needs to sports professionals, movement enthusiasts to weekend warriors, Paul’s unique system to human movement and fitness works for all clients to help them unlock their body’s potential to feel, move and transform for the rest of their lives!

Cost: $15