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Beyond the Mind with Bonni McCliss

A guided workshop series on developing your    intuition and inner stillness

Join us as Bonni Mccliss –Intuitive Life coach and Hypnotherapist guides us on a journey through the world of the natural-intuitive mind. This workshop series includes specific techniques to help you decipher and build on those messages we all receive as “gut feelings”. Bonni’s simple yet effective techniques, are designed to encourage new direction of the neurological pathways to make the experience of intuition a larger part of our everyday life.

Friday, January 13th 6:30-8:30pm – Inner Stillness: We must first learn to hear the small quiet voice behind the loud words in our head before we can hear our intuition correctly. This workshop helps us to expose which subconscious tapes we play in our mind are ego thoughts, and which is actually natural intuitive dialogue.

Saturday, January 14th 1-3:00pm – How To Strengthen Your Intuitive Signal: This workshop will help you learn the “ins and outs” of sending and receive intuitive information, and where it comes from. You will also be guided in discovering how your body works in decoding this energetic language.

Saturday, January 14th 6-8:00pm-   Hypnosis For Releasing Your Cellular Pain: Our pre- programming is the only thing that keeps us separated from this natural intuitive language that we are born with. Bonni will be leading a group regression to help us to unclutter and reset our mental messaging process. As we release all things that no longer serve us, we can once and for all unbind from our past and engage our spiritual journey with new found energy and purpose.


Individual Session: $65

Full Weekend: $175

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