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Hasta Mudra: An Intro into Hand Postures

MMUDRAS are gestures of the hands, feet, eyes, or body. The focus in this class will be on the hand mudras. 

Wesley Pilcher will lead this innovative class in which Mudras will be incorporated into every part of the practice (meditation, breath, postures and relaxation) as a way of listening more deeply to our subtle energy body. The history of Mudras in the ancient teachings, from both the Martial Arts and Yoga backgrounds, will also be explored.

Mudras used with meditation and visualization can effectively enhance our awareness and understanding of many facets of yoga philosophy including the Koshas and the Chakras. Therapeutic Mudras support health and healing in body and mind, encouraging practitioners to release old habits and ways of being as they open up more space for newness and balance. Mudra chains offer the ability to compare sensations awakened with one mudra to another and can also amp up our energy experience to a new level.


Earlier Event: November 18
Alexandria Crow at AYC