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Bodywork and Myofascial Release Workshop

Shane Logan

Shane Logan

In this class you will learn a practical understanding of soft tissue release and the myofascial system that will propel you forward in your practice.


  • A New Understanding of the Body through the lens of the Myofascial system
  • Understanding strength through alignment 
  • Difference between Static-Pressure and Shearing force
  • Touch: making contact with another person
  • Myofascial release for the shoulder

What To Expect

We will start the class with introductions and a lecture on the myofascial system, followed by some basic postures and strength exercises to keep your body safe while working on someone else, then we will pair up and work on one another.
Everyone will get 30-45 mins of body work depending upon pace of class

Come with intention of Giving as well as Receiving.

Workshop Fee: $25

*Disclaimer: This class in no way certifies you as a massage therapist . If you already hold a massage license, this class will further your practice by leaps and bounds. *If you do not hold a massage license, this class will greatly benefit your yoga practice and help you learn to work on your loved ones.