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Stress and the Rhythm of Practice with Matthew & Holly Krepps

Stress and the Rhythm of Practice:

The holistic model of Yoga that we have inherited from the East is in part dominated by the concept of "Hatha", or the notion that practice spans continuum of rhythms that embody the energies of the Sun (Ha), and the Moon (Tha). This means that full spectrum Yoga embodies hot, rising, focused, outward, fast, and powerful rhythms, while simultaneously embodying internally peaceful, cool, descending, peripheral rhythms. These two sides of the "Sun-Moon" equation offer a full spectrum of physical, mental, and emotional experience, and help ensure that our development is not bound or stalled in any one particular area. 

One way to inquire into the significance of the "Sun-moon" equation and full spectrum embodiment is by examining the human nervous system and the way that practice affects its divisions. How much time should we spend embodying outward, rising, masculine qualities, and how much time embodying the more feminine, soft, internally centered energies? These kinds of questions in turn beg for an inquiry into the deep nature of stress and relaxation, when each is good for us, and when either may well not be what is needed. 

Join Matt and Holly Krepps at the Arkansas Yoga Collective for an afternoon Workshop on understanding the affects of practice on the human nervous system, and how you can construct basic routines that honor and nourish your deepest internal landscape. The afternoon will include a full posture, pranayama, and meditation experience to demonstrate the topics. 

10:30 - 12:00 pm - Practice with Matthew and Holly Krepps (regular drop-in rate and class packages accepted)
12:00 - 2:00 pm - Open House/Meet & Greet
2:00 - 5:00 pm - Workshop with Matthew and Holly Krepps ($20)

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