John Willis

All-Levels | Evening Yoga Thursdays 5:15-6:15 pm


John Willis began studying yoga while seeking relief from chronic pain, resulting from tendonitis and shoulder strain. Along with relief from his symptoms, John acquired the skills and awareness required to prevent further aggravation of his symptoms and also developed a keen interest in the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the practice.

He has studied with Matthew and Holly Krepps since 2001 and has taught at Barefoot since 2004. His interests in practice and teaching stem from the desire to help practitioners articulate a deep understanding of their own, uniquely spiritual and human experience that is cultivated through yoga. Done mindfully, this practice radically transforms one’s relationship with oneself, with others, and ultimately the world. A typical yoga practice with John will include mindful breathwork, vigorous vinyasa sequences (series of yoga postures performed dynamically, moving from posture to posture, breath by breath), one or two “goal” postures to explore in depth, time for relaxation, and meditation. All practices incorporate the Five Techniques and Core Actions of the Dynamic Hatha Yoga Method.