Jamie Hazlewood

500 HR RYT, Personal Trainer

Yoga Lite, Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30-11:30 am


Jamie is 62and one half years young.  After completing a rewarding career in Dental Hygiene, she is now determined to lead a lifestyle to help others remain flexible and strong.

Jamie is certified through YogaFit, approaching the 500RYT. She is a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Three years ago, she became a Certified Personal Trainer with International Sports Sciences Association. She is also an avid bicyclist with memberships in Arkansas Bicycle Club and Bicycle Advocates of Central Arkansas. As a card carrying member of AARP, she believes she is now in her most important career yet, teaching others how to remain active and as pain free as possible, hopefully into their mid-lives and beyond.

Jamie believes yoga is a good fit for older beginners as it is more introspective and less competitive than other forms of exercise.  She likes to teach a 'non pretzel' form of yoga, often integrating touches of Pilates and Tai Chi. She prefers to work with her students' medical doctor when a specific medical conditions are involved.  Most often using a longer warmup phase in the classroom and then continuing the practice at a somewhat slower pace. Plenty of posture and balance training is critical in a well rounded exercise protocol as well as certain mindfulness training. Also of importance, she believes, are poses to help counteract the decline in muscle mass and strength as we age.

All in all, the ability to get up and move with as little pain as possible requires discipline and work and is good for the body and soul.