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Primordial Re-Pattering

The spiral path, as contained in the infinity symbol and the shape of the sphere, has since ancient times suggested a capacity for infinite return and rebirth. Our bodies are built using the shape of the sphere and the arc, the strongest architectural elements known to man. From the time of birth, our bodies develop not linearly, but through spiraling movement patterns that take us from rolling to crawling and eventually to walking. Our mental and spiritual bodies are cyclical and can be seen as moving along a spiral path through an ancient concept found in many cultures called the Medicine Wheel. 

Join Sarah and Stela for an afternoon of discussion, movement and meditation that explore these primordial spiraling patterns in human development, which are fundamental to health and wellbeing. Drawing from both science and tradition, the workshop will move you through two parallel models of development: one that governs our bio-mechanical and cognitive development and another that informs our spiritual and emotional body. Together we will seek patterns that have become stuck, stale or painful and gently move ourselves towards transcendence and freedom from such. 

Part 1: In the first half of the workshop, Stela will discuss the fundamental patterns necessary for healthy and complete human development as well as what happens when things go astray. Movement is at the center of all learning since the time of birth. Movement is therefore the key to accessing healing and self-fulfillment. The practice offered will place emphasis on movement and stillness that access the body’s original operating system, highlighting its spiraling nature, to reveal hiccups (compensation, trauma, unrecovered injury) and eventually bring the body into a single felt sensation. As these original patterns are re-introduced in a digestible way, the body has an opportunity to begin healing and experience itself anew.

Part 2: In the second half of the workshop, Sarah will explore the patterns through which we move as emotional, mental and spiritual beings. Sarah will introduce the ancient concept of the Medicine Wheel as a tool for transformation into new states of awareness and understanding. A metaphor of life and death, the Medicine Wheel has been used by many traditions as a framework for transformation and spiritual placement. Shamans and medicine people have connected archetypes to each of the four cardinal directions in order to assist with clarity and healing. Together we will build a traditional medicine wheel and you will be given tools to find your place on the wheel of life. Finally, a guided meditation around the wheel will be offered to further cultivate awareness of your patterns and the freedom to transcend them.

Cost: $75

Earlier Event: February 2
Yoga Teacher Training Open House