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A Weekend with Intuitive Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Bonni McCliss

A weekend of workshops with Bonni McCliss to help you go beyond the mind to learn more about yourself, ask for help from the Universe, and learn how to reset unhealthy life patterns. 

Friday, March 31st 6:30-8:30pm

Past Life Regression 

This workshop will use hypnosis techniques to transport you back to a past you have known, but long forgotten. Have you ever wondered where your unique personality traits or unexplained fears come from? Have you ever met someone for the first time and just felt like you have always known them? Past life regressions are one of the most effective and remarkable ways to introduce you to a greater understanding of yourself, and the people in your "soul family". Your soul has many things it wants to learn and understand, more than what can fit into just one lifetime.Healing often comes by introducing the conscience mind to the subconscious cellular memory. When we recognize the past life fears and pain that we have carried over to our current life, they naturally dissolve in the spotlight of our awareness.
Come join us, as we journey back to another time and place to learn more about our multifaceted soul and meet the origins of our personality!!

Saturday, April 1st 10:30am-12:30pm

Intuitive Development

Beyond the basics- intuition is no longer just for the few who seem to be born with the gift of sensitivity. It is quickly becoming acknowledged and understood as a skill set of our human evolution. We all have intuition, but not all of us have kept the chamber open to receive this type information. This workshop shop series continues in its focus to isolate your awareness of this still small intuitive voice hidden beneath the loud thoughts in your mind. You will learn advancing techniques on how to receive your own personal guidance, as well as intuitive information for others. This class is a hands on interactive experience that will definitely leave you excited, empowered and wanting more!


Saturday, April 1st 22:00-4:00pm

Law of Attraction: Manifesting Our "Wants" into "Haves"

Have you ever wondered why you have been successful at creating "some" of your wants and desires into reality and not others? Do your fears seem to be the king in your kingdom? Are you stuck in a cycle of life that seems to have little growth and movement? We ALL could answer "YES!" to at least one of these questions over the course of our life. This workshop is designed to breakdown and deconstruct the manifestation process, leaving no stone unturned. We will be learning, role playing, and setting up NEW "thought patterns" for manifesting our dreams into reality. The Universe is responding to our thoughts and beliefs faster than ever before, its time for us to create clear thinking and raise our vibration. We will discover and reboot underling root subconscious patterns that have been blocking us from receiving our desires. It is time to put on our Alchemist Hat and turn our "Wants" into "Haves"!

Sunday, April 2nd 1:00-4:00pm

Spirit Guides

This workshop series will introduce you to a world that is often unseen and unheard. We all have a source of higher guidance that works with our internal compass to seek and follow our own personal northern star. Throughout time religions have openly recognized these messengers in many forms but, all with the same purpose. These directors are here to help guide us in our highest understanding of the life we have come to live.
We are designed to interact with our Guides and Angels in our everyday life, it is much like having our very own "mission control team"!
This class will help you to understand the metaphoric language used by Guides and Angels, along with simple techniques to begin dialogue and further your understanding of your own personal life's mission.