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Journey to Wholeness: Exploring Dreams to Decode the Symbolic Language of the Unconscious


Journey to Wholeness: Exploring Dreams to Decode the Symbolic Language of the Unconscious

Within each of us exists an inner world with multiple energy systems that form our unconscious and combine to create the psyche. These systems influence our daily life through the choices we make, the relationships we form, and the beliefs we hold. To achieve a harmonious flow between unconscious and ego, we must first understand that these energy systems are distinct and independent parts of our personality. The unconscious mind is constantly trying to communicate with the conscious mind through two main pathways: dreams and imagination. For many, the dialogue between the two goes unnoticed as we stay distracted by our modern world of to-do lists and constant stimulation. The consequence is not only an isolation from the unconscious but an isolation from spirit. 

This workshop will focus on examining dreams to bring the fragmented parts of the psyche together. Join us to begin the journey towards wholeness by learning the language of the unconscious using a method inspired by Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung. Attendees will learn a practical, step-by-step approach to identify, understand, and acknowledge the message of dreams. Even those who have trouble remembering their dreams will learn tips and solutions for accessing dream images to discover a deep sense of unity and meaning.  
Lori Graham is a licensed social worker and psychotherapist who focuses on a holistic healing approach. As a counselor, Lori enjoys blending alternative healing practices within the traditional therapy framework. Lori completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Circle Yoga Shala and is a Level-one Usui Reiki practitioner. Lori is passionate about assisting people on their path towards self-discovery and fulfillment. Learn more at 
Cost: $40
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