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Multiple Sclerosis Yoga & Meditation

Join Wesley Pilcher and Sarah Thomas for a practice designed for students with Multiple Sclerosis or anyone suffering with chronic pain.

For a student with MS, there are three types of symptoms that hatha yoga directly addresses: fatigue and heat intolerance, numbness in the limbs and loss of coordination, and loss of flexibility and balance. Fatigue and heat intolerance appear to be the most limiting factors to MS students. To counter these limitations, students learn to master the breath and practice restorative postures. Both techniques cool the body and calm the nervous system. The simple breathing technique of lengthening the exhalation a little longer than the inhalation helps quiet the nervous system. Its been observed that heat, stress, and tension can cause temporary worsening of MS symptoms, so keep the pace of practice relaxed but focusedkeeping the body just shy of sweating is important.

MS can also result in a daily battle with numbness of the arms and legs, muscle spasms, and loss of coordination. The system of yoga emphasizes stretching and breathing, which can release tension and improve circulation and body awareness. Yoga can also facilitate harmony between the muscular and nervous systems of the body, possibly resulting in more fluid movement and relief from muscle tension. As a students level of body awareness improves, she can begin to recognize the first signs of stress on her system before it overwhelms her.

  • They use poses and breathing techniques to focus the mind on the body (“union”)
  • They are individualized, non-competitive and adaptable
  • They emphasize alignment, which benefits posture and balance
  • They educate about where muscles are and how to strengthen and stretch them
  • They release tension so the body feels more energized
  • They teach relaxation techniques to reduce stress

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Class Fee: $15 (class packages and monthly unlimited do not apply)

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Later Event: March 21
DJ HyFi @ Arkansas Yoga Collective