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Sun Salutations Workshop with Wesley & Steve

Surya Namaskar – the Sun Salutation series – is the foundation sequence of yoga. Practically every Vinyasa yoga class includes at least one of the Surya Namaskar sequences or a variation on Surya Namaskar. In this workshop, we’ll break down each component of the Ashtanga Surya Namaskar A and B sequences. We’ll explore each pose individually in complete detail, then put subsets of the poses together by linking our movements to our breathing, explore how the poses relate to one another physically and energetically, and finally put each sequence together from start to finish with flow technology. Students as well as teachers will gain practical knowledge of the correct alignment for each individual pose in the Surya Namaskar sequences and develop a feel for how to move smoothly and continuously from one pose to the next while using the appropriate breathing technique. Everyone will leave with a feeling of confidence in their ability to move through a Sun Salutation sequence with energy, focus, and grace. This workshop is suitable for both relative beginners who want to become familiar with the details of Sun Salutations and yogis with an established practice who want to fine tune and deepen their Surya Namaskar both therapeutically and energetically.

Workshop Fee: $20

Earlier Event: March 21
KiDo Kids Yoga
Later Event: April 24