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Duncan Wong

"Duncan Wong’s grand masters were enlightened acupuncturists who taught him that healing and killing points are the same. This suggests that the intentions of our actions determine the course of our destiny. A Bay Area native, Wong practiced self-defense and self-realization through the study of martial arts and yoga. During his formative years, the confluence of these two seemingly different paths birthed Yogic Arts.

Yogic Arts™ is his patented integration of yoga, martial arts and Thai massage. Duncan Wong combines the detoxification and flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa, with joint conditioning and core strengthening properties of Buddhist Gung-Fu, plus the healing adjustments of Thai therapy.

Duncan Wong’s intense study with Tripura Sundari, Deva Das, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and Kwahn Jang Nym, S. J. Su (to name a few) has been instrumental in his discoveries. Wong is truly an innovator and an inspiration, sharing his knowledge with students all over the world. He has taught celebrated performing artists such as Sting, Madonna and Bjork." -Molly Roemer,

Flow Arts™

[ the art of flow ]

Stand Alone Workshops that serve as both comprehensive and complementary practices that are each presented as a complete workout for our body, mind and soul.
This program is designed for all walks and levels and offers a thorough understanding of what this transformational work is about.

2.5 hr WS (Workshop Series)
2.5 hr TT (Teacher Training) Modules
21-25 Sat-Wed AM Open WS / PM Training Modules


25hr TT Intro Intensive (RYT Accreditted hrs & 5-Day TT Intensive Certificate of Completion) ($500)
5-Day WS series package price (5-Day WS Certificate of Completion) ($160)
WS Drop-In option ($40 drop-in, $35 advance registration)
5hr Day Tripper Option ($110)
Afternoon Training Only ($75) Please call 501-313-2950 to book this option.

Saturday, March 21

9-11:30 am – Flow Arts Workshop

2:30-5 pm – Training Module 01 Prana Bandha TT
An introduction to the fascinating world of yogic breath and core body techniques that awaken our body's natural organic movement that produces pain free power and fluidity of flow in our every action for the rat of or lives.

Sunday, March 22

9-11:30 am – Flow Arts Workshop

2:30-5 pm – Training Module 02 Vira Namaskar (Warrior Salutation)
An introduction to the Flow Arts flow foundation structures that include and introduce warrior poses from the multiple disciplines of yoga, martial arts and dance.

Monday, March 23

9-11:30 am – Flow Arts Workshop

2:30-5:00 pm – Training Module 03 Vira Vinyasa (Warrior Flow) 
An introduction to the Flow Arts full flow therapy practice that builds on the core flow foundation of Vira Namaskar (Warrior Salutation) while mapping a detailed experience of our natural human design.

 Tuesday, March 24

9-11:30 am – Flow Arts Workshop

2:30-5 pm – Training Module 04 Combat Therapy 
An introduction to the art of fighting as a safe and therapeutic physical therapy, that includes technical training in kriya mudra (yogic core purifying techniques) comprehension.

Wednesday, March 25

9-11:30 am – Flow Arts Workshop

2:30-5 pm – Training Module 05 Thai Partner Therapy
An introduction to healing body work drawing on techniques from a modality of massage and physical therapy disciplines ranging from Thai massage employing the elbows and knees to more refined acupressure discovering the power of our thumbs, fingers and toes as release tools for both our self applied therapy and sharing with others.

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Amy Ippoliti
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