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Practical Meditation Course at Camp Mitchell with Ruslan Kleytman

Awaken – Concentration and Mindfulness Meditation
Practical Meditation Course

Take a quantum leap in your self-understanding through yogic wisdom and meditation.

An in-depth course on Meditation with Ruslan Kleytman.
Find peace, calm and relaxation and say goodbye to stress!

To be awakened is to be fully alive, rooted in the moment, free from conceptions, misperceptions, fears, and anxieties that obscure the peace of your True Nature. Meditation may be the most effective method to harnessing the power of your mind, as well as cultivating a sense of peace, clarity, happiness and even bliss.

Meditation has a long, illustrious history and perhaps it has never been needed as much as now. With all of the modern day stresses and strains, meditation is a successful form of stress reduction which promotes health and well-being.

The Awaken course is a carefully developed program of practical wisdom classes, plus several daily meditation sittings and satsangs.

Come to understand the structure of the human ego, how it operates and limits your day-to-day life and discover maps of consciousness to enable you to traverse the ego level and function in Soul-consciousness.

Find clarity in your life, develop your meditation practice, heal yourself from suffering and discover your inner Self.

What Makes Our Meditation Course Unique?

Lineage & Experience
Our comprehensive curriculum based on 20 years experience of uninterrupted practice and study of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation. Ruslan is initiated Yogi in to Trika Tantra Sidhha tradition.

Intelligent Systematic Approach
Learn the art, science, history and rich Meditation tradition

Learn to truly practice what you teach
Our program isn’t about memorizing and reciting sequences. Instead an emphasis is placed on developing your own personal practice and teaching the principles learned from your meditation experience.

Deep Immersion and a Powerful Learning Process
This instructor certification program is an intensive immersion into the ancient teachings of meditation.

Profound Knowledge Balanced with Practical Skill Building
During Meditation certification program, each participant will learn meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, practical aspects of meditation, and methods of facilitating group meditations.

Course Content:
You’ll receive a comprehensive course manual (in pdf format).

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:
The Roots of Yoga Meditation
Traditional Texts That Speaks on Meditation
The Three Faculties of Mind: Manas, Buddhi, Ahamkara
The Roots of All Obstacles
In-depth practice and teaching of a classical meditation technique.
Objects for Meditation
Vedantic Affirmations for Meditation
Meditation for Mental Expansion
Meditate on Love
From Concrete to Abstract Meditation
Meditate on the Chakras
Research-proven benefits of meditation.
Ways to overcome mental restlessness.
How to teach meditation.
Techniques to enhance meditation: breathwork, energizing practices, chanting, affirmation, visualization.
Helpful ways to bring individual creativity to classical meditation.
How to help students respond to life’s challenges in positive, effective ways.
Secrets of becoming an effective, magnetic, inspiring teacher.

Program Details:

Length of Program:

Day Program: July 16 - 21, 2019

Accommodations: Charming cabins at Camp Mitchell Episcopal Center
Meals: Three delicious vegetarian meals a day with ingredients from our organic garden
Classes: Daily classes in the understanding of the mind. Special satsangs and Questions & Answers with Ruslan. Yoga, Art of Movement (functional, primal, animal movements), walking meditations

Time to reflect: Enjoy walks and contemplation in the beautiful natural setting

Check in time 10:00 am on the 16th , which is a Tuesday. Program will start after lunch on that Tuesday.
For people staying the week will check out in the evening on that Sunday and head home.
Weekend People will check in Friday evening and ready to go by 6:30 pm.
We will be staying at a lodge , so single and double beds. It will be cheaper sharing a room with someone. It will be a $100 more if you want a single room.
Light Vegetarian food will be provided each day, 3 meals.

Sample Daily Schedule:

5:00 - 6.00 am : Morning meditation
6-30 - 8.00 am : Yoga
8:00 - 10:00 am : Breakfast
10:00 - 11:00 am : Gyana Class (lecture)
11:00 am - 1:00 pm : Personal, Reflection time or group activities (nature walk, volleyball…)
1:00 - 1:45pm : Lunch
2.00 - 4.00 pm : Gyana Class (lecture)
4.00 - 6.00 pm : Personal, Reflection time or group activities (nature walk, volleyball…)
6.00 - 7.00 pm : Evening meditation
7:00 – 8.00 pm : Dinner
8.00 - 9.00 pm : Satsang/ Kirtan
9:00 pm : Lights Out

Location: Camp Mitchell Episcopal Center 

10 Camp Mitchell Road  Morrilton, AR 72110


2 options: 1) week long stay to become certified and receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits 2) weekend only, in order to deepen your practice and understanding of meditation

Option 1) Week long cost: *Early Bird Special* $800 (when paid in full by July 1st) $900, after July 1st

Option 2) Weekend only*Early Bird Special* $400 (when paid in full by July 1st) $450, after July 1st

The above prices include a shared double room and 3 meals a day. There will be an additional $100 charge for private rooms.