Angel McVay-McGehee



Angel McVay began practicing yoga 6 years ago and immediately began to see the nourishing benefits of yoga and the transformations it brings. Angel completed her 200 HR Hatha Yoga Training at Circle Yoga Shala in July of 2013 and 100 HR Yogic Arts training with Master Sensei Duncan Wong in February of 2014. 

"To me, the most important thing about yoga is cultivating the type of awareness that makes you love life. Every single minute of it. By tuning in to the body and breath, we can learn to soften what can be softened, to strengthen what can be strengthened. We can take our posture practice and make it into a life practice. Set good intentions. Be kind to yourself and others. Make your dreams come true. Don't waste a single second in fear, doubt, anger, or resentment. Love your heart out!"